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Elderlands End User License Agreement (EULA)

  1. You are not free in your own behavior and in the language expressions you use. You may not be obscene, harassing, bullying, defamatory, discriminatory (race, age, sex, sexual orientation) or excessively swear whilst interacting with other players both in the Game and on the Forums.
  2. You will not use any third parties programs to improve or modify your character's abilities or game-play. This includes speed-hacking, macros, self-modified text (and colors), etc
  3. You are encouraged to find game bugs, however you are not allowed to exploit those for your own personal gain. You will report bugs that you find on the forums and exploitable bugs directly to GMs or to developers.
  4. In the Game you will behave in a respectful manner to other players.
  5. You must not attempt to or impersonate the Elderlands Staff (GMs or DEVs).
  6. You may not grief-play in Elderlands. This includes blocking players, their bodies, monsters or access to areas (via doorways or ladders) with your character or self-spawned game "pets".
  7. You may not use any part of our software for any kind of profit-making activities at any time (with the exception of recording or streaming gameplay video). All accounts, characters, demo items etc. are exclusively owned by Asylumsoft, LLC. You may not modify Asylumsoft, LLC. software.
  8. If you do not follow rules number 1 to 7, you agree you will lose your account and access to the Game and the Forums either permanently, or temporarily at the discretion of the Support staff
  9. If third parties enter the Game under your account, you are fully responsible for all your characters behavior and you carry all consequences.
  10. We may monitor all communications on our servers at our discretion. We can delete, lock, or edit any topic and any post on the Forums.
  11. We do not guarantee the game and the forums stability, account access, customers support, your characters statistics, etc. during the testing phases of the product.
  12. If you witness a player being obscene, harassing, bullying, defamatory, discriminatory (race, age, sex, sexual orientation) or excessively swearing, report them to a GM immediately.
  13. We may contact you via email for any purpose relating to the Game or any services or software which we may provide in the future.
  14. We may amend this agreement at any time in our sole discretion.
  15. Respect GMs and their authority. GMs have the authority to interpret behavior that is questionable and make a decision to act upon it regardless if a written rule has been set forth to forbid such behavior.
Elderlands EULA - Last Update: 3rd August 2015