Id Title Priority Source Raised At Status Assigned
200 LO-PTR - Auth Screen Urgent Login Server 2016-12-09T04:25:50Z Open Assigned
198 LO-PTR - Visual Server Select Urgent Game 2016-12-09T04:13:32Z Open Assigned
196 LO-PTR - Log Out Timer Urgent Game 2016-12-09T04:10:13Z Open Assigned
195 LO-PTR - Visual Target Urgent Game 2016-12-09T04:07:27Z Open Assigned
207 LO-PTR - Crim Logout Deletes Char if Client Updates Urgent Game 2016-12-09T04:35:47Z Open Assigned
187 Fix Server side spell requirements Urgent Game Server 2016-02-08T18:58:39Z Open Assigned
206 LO-PTR - Wep Timing Urgent Game 2016-12-09T04:34:08Z Open Assigned
204 LO-PTR - Drop Rate Urgent Game 2016-12-09T04:31:12Z Open Assigned
82 Detach spell particles/effects from objects Urgent Client 2015-12-23T09:04:27Z Open Assigned
30 Passwords containing spaces can't log in to the game High Website 2015-09-07T22:28:37Z Open Assigned
137 Way of the blade for Warrior lets you keep dual wielding when you re-spec your points. High Game 2016-01-22T19:31:21Z Open Assigned
155 Spell Shield Throw- Works even if you don't have a shield equipped - Doesn't hit 2 extra targets. High Game 2016-01-22T19:41:51Z Open Assigned
225 LO-PTR - Red Dragon Free Exp High Game 2016-12-09T04:53:05Z Open Assigned
123 Crash - Killing Mini Bosses, may result in client crashing. High Game 2016-01-22T19:24:43Z Open Assigned
120 Storm Bringers Multiple Shock is still abit buggy and OP kills everything in one hit. High Game 2016-01-22T19:23:15Z Open Assigned
135 Talents: If you specced into Shield Expertise and then re-spec your skill tree the shield will still be equipped and it's defense is applied. High Game 2016-01-22T19:30:16Z Open Assigned
151 Spell: Shroud of Ice does not mitigate damage and turns you crim. High Game 2016-01-22T19:40:08Z Open Assigned
199 LO-PTR - Potion Cool Down High Game 2016-12-09T04:15:35Z Open Assigned
119 Visual Bug after Combustion is used when u hit hot streak it crashes client and the flame piller stays in the exact spot you crashed High Game 2016-01-22T19:22:48Z Open Assigned
149 Monsters' HP sometimes replenished to full health, during combat. High Game 2016-01-22T19:39:15Z Open Assigned
197 LO-PTR - Giant Balance High Game 2016-12-09T04:11:58Z Open Assigned
209 LO-PTR - Drag Equipment High Game 2016-12-09T04:37:44Z Open Assigned
347 LO - Abusable bug #4 High Game 2017-06-20T02:48:59Z Open Assigned
208 LO-PTR - Visual Selling Magics in shop High Game 2016-12-09T04:36:50Z Open Assigned
233 LO-PTR - Map Flickers High Game 2016-12-09T05:00:15Z Open Assigned
346 LO - Abusable bug #3 High Game 2017-06-18T23:37:37Z Open Assigned
147 Halloween Items disappear when equipping them. High Game 2016-01-22T19:38:14Z Open Assigned
345 LO - Abusable bug #2 High Game 2017-06-18T23:35:22Z Open Assigned
116 Pets still block mobs but die and can still block players from entering door ways High Game 2016-01-22T19:21:20Z Open Assigned
344 LO - Abusable bug #1 High Game 2017-06-18T23:33:14Z Open Assigned
343 LO - Melee Skill goes to 0 once hits 60 High Game 2017-03-30T05:55:08Z Open Unassigned
126 Quest - running water says to talk to Arcanist Nuget, but only Giften is there. Also the quest says to talk to Father Smitty unlocatable. High Game 2016-01-22T19:26:10Z Open Assigned
97 Bag/BP doesn’t open sometimes High Game Server 2016-01-01T20:01:59Z Open Assigned
143 Skills on Brutes, Jarnsborg Prison Guards do not work i do not take DoT ----> This includes Alpha Wolfs ability High Game 2016-01-22T19:36:11Z Open Assigned
203 LO-PTR - /who lists GM/DEVs High Game 2016-12-09T04:30:08Z Open Assigned
228 LO-PTR - Crash Buy & Sell High Game 2016-12-09T04:56:19Z Open Assigned
337 LO - Map Flickering High Game 2017-03-30T04:41:17Z Open Unassigned
125 Npc Error - Summit Fortress, In the weapon shop the npc is a banker. High Game 2016-01-22T19:25:26Z Open Assigned
202 LO-PTR - Memory slows on Client High Game 2016-12-09T04:29:11Z Open Assigned
213 LO-PTR - Shop Keepers Follow High Game 2016-12-09T04:41:53Z Open Assigned
150 Npc's will often block each other, allowing abuse in tight places. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:39:48Z Open Assigned
210 LO-PTR - Bag Always on Top Medium Game 2016-12-09T04:38:35Z Open Assigned
133 Quest - In the town far north in Zima, quest says to search surrounding area around the town for treasure but I found nothing. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:29:26Z Open Assigned
132 Quest - In Zima the quest to find the Kobold King, Unable to locate Kobold King, NPC's also stuck in caves on this quest. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:28:56Z Open Assigned
118 Visual Glitch - Jarnsborg Guards throw Shields at melee range and fly off screen and back, Same with Spells used by mage or cleric. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:22:12Z Open Assigned
148 Items may have stats that do not show up on tool tips. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:38:48Z Open Assigned
117 Some Halloween Skins Poof when used from bank. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:21:51Z Open Assigned
128 Alchemy: the search doesn't work. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:26:56Z Open Assigned
145 Some of the enchanted healing potions I had left from before this update does not work at all. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:37:00Z Open Assigned
231 LO-PTR - Crash Clicking Multiple Times Medium Game 2016-12-09T04:58:50Z Open Assigned
144 What I discovered at least in Rualdon you can only sell so many items or it won't sell. I had to reopen to sell. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:36:30Z Open Assigned
138 Visual Glitch - Undying Rage for Warrior has the outdated description of you being "unkillable". It increases armor by 5000 instead. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:31:45Z Open Assigned
156 Dal'Kor the frostbringer and Glacial Kobolts spawn in mountains near Zimari Mines. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:42:07Z Open Assigned
124 Flame Drakes - Are not target-able. Medium Game 2016-01-22T19:25:09Z Open Assigned
212 LO-PTR - Guards Wont Open Doors Low Game 2016-12-09T04:40:42Z Open Assigned
237 LO-PTR - Click Thru Windows Low Game 2016-12-09T05:03:09Z Open Assigned
222 LO-PTR - Visual Crim Mark Low Game 2016-12-09T04:50:30Z Open Assigned
235 LO-PTR - Visual Mouse Size Low Game 2016-12-09T05:01:55Z Open Assigned
5 Cloud effect currently disabled in client Low Client 2015-06-23T04:54:03Z Open Unassigned
211 LO-PTR - Visual Uncrim Low Game 2016-12-09T04:39:28Z Open Assigned
224 LO-PTR - Party Menu Low Game 2016-12-09T04:52:19Z Open Assigned
236 LO-PTR - Chat Text Low Game 2016-12-09T05:02:30Z Open Assigned
122 Movement - While running and pressing enter you auto run. Low Game 2016-01-22T19:23:59Z Open Assigned
221 LO-PTR - Fighter Mobs Friendly Low Game 2016-12-09T04:49:54Z Open Assigned
234 LO-PTR - Moving Angles Always avoids Low Game 2016-12-09T05:01:14Z Open Assigned
220 LO-PTR - Shop Prices Low Game 2016-12-09T04:48:10Z Open Assigned
131 ??? - Vendors for monastery, timbervale, and rualdon have quests that give tokens like before but at this point take up bank space. Low Game 2016-01-22T19:28:08Z Open Assigned
219 LO-PTR - Visual Level up Low Game 2016-12-09T04:47:28Z Open Assigned
232 LO-PTR - Use Items in Bank Low Game 2016-12-09T04:59:38Z Open Assigned
218 LO-PTR - Movement Low Game 2016-12-09T04:46:42Z Open Assigned
127 Visual Bug - The paper doll has the weapon in the boots slot, the rings in the weapon slot, the boots are in a diff one. Low Game 2016-01-22T19:26:38Z Open Assigned
112 Visual - No spell/casting animation on my cleric Low Game 2016-01-22T19:20:01Z Open Assigned
158 Sprint - Doesn't take you below 10% mana. Low Game 2016-01-22T19:42:38Z Open Assigned
217 LO-PTR - Guards Freeze Low Game 2016-12-09T04:45:54Z Open Assigned
230 LO-PTR - Double Click Char to Login Low Client 2016-12-09T04:57:41Z Open Assigned
157 Visual - Tiles missing on road to Zima. Low Game 2016-01-22T19:42:22Z Open Assigned
215 LO-PTR - Visual Corps Icon Low Game 2016-12-09T04:43:40Z Open Assigned
227 LO-PTR - Cant Open Doors Diagonal Low Game 2016-12-09T04:55:11Z Open Assigned
238 LO-PTR - Party Invite Spam Low Game 2016-12-09T05:03:45Z Open Assigned